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I teach four different workshops under the umbrella title of  The Basics of Watercolor, each workshop is one day long and each has its own subject matter.

The 4 topics are:

Watercolor Techniques - this is a day of exploring a number of ways to lay down the paint, simulate texture on a 2-D surface and master the water in watercolor. A variety of unusual tools and techniques will used to achieve textures.


The Value of Values - the use of light and shadow is the most important component in producing a striking painting and elevating one’s work above the ordinary. In 2D art values do all the work even though color gets the credit. I teach both the traditional method for designing values as well as utilizing the App technology that is available today.


Color Splash-Make Your Watercolors Sing with Color Theory and Mixing Formulas - an exploration of the color wheel and lists of hue combinations straight out of the tube make life so much easier for the hobbyist.


How to Paint Winning Compositions - I teach what I call a paper doll/puzzle composition technique in workshop. After exposing the students to the Rule of Thirds, and several examples of compositional design, I show them how to arrange components on their paper (substrate of whatever sort) to design an interesting composition. It’s a very fun way to play and also get great results.

My Mission is to help the student to improve their watercolor skills so that they can create their own unique masterpieces,

not just copy the works of others. 

I also hope to instill in them the confidence they need to achieve this goal. 

Leaving my workshop with a beautiful painting should not be the students expectation.  I prefer that they use our time together

to make as many mistakes as possible so that I can help them repair, redirect and move forward in confidence.








HAPPENING this summer...

Time for me to paint new material for myself and to be entered into both national and local contests and exhibitions.  I've already completed a few.  I'm having so much fun painting in my new studio.

My ongoing monthly class schedule will continue:

Rainbow Springs Art Gallery ... July 10th and August 7th, 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Buffalo Crossings Assisted Living ... July 19th 1:00pm-3:00pm, August date tbd.

Sign Ups are being taken now for Fall Weekly and Bi-Weekly Classes starting in September at at:

Southern Expressions Art Studio in Wildwood

Stonecrest Watercolor Group

Don't delay these classes fill quickly!

2019-2020 Workshop dates:

The Basics of Watercolor Workshops


2 day Workshop:  October, 2019

Watercolor Techniques 

The Value of Values


2 day Workshop:  January, 2020

Color Splash-Make Your Watercolors Sing with Color Theory and Mixing Formulas

How to Paint Winning Compositions




                                     Workshop location:  The Village Art Center                                                                           

                                                        Spruce Creek Professional Center

                                                        10935 SE 177th Place,                                 

                                                        Summerfield, Fl. 34391

For more information and to Register:   Email the instructor through this website to reserve your spot.                                        


Workshop Package:  $150 - Fee's are payable via cash or check.


What to Bring:   Your creature comforts, a sweater, a beverage, perhaps a light lunch, maybe a cushion for your chair.

                                               Supply list furnished upon registration.



You can do this and I can show you how. 




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